Healthy diet

Healthy diet

Eating healthily

Eating a well-balanced, healthy diet is important when you have AVN. As well as providing you with all the nutrients you need, this will help you maintain a healthy weight.

In general, a healthy diet is one that is:

  • high in fruit and vegetables
  • high in starch and fibre
  • low in fatty foods and salt
  • low in added sugars

Managing your weight
Adopting a healthy diet can help you lose weight. Carrying extra weight adds extra pressure on weight-bearing joints such as the back, hips, knees, ankles, and feet. Losing even a few pounds can make a significant difference.

If you are trying to lose weight, vegetables should make up half of your plate; carbohydrates a quarter; and protein a quarter. Reducing the size of the portions on your plate will also help.

Exercise is an important part of weight loss and control, so make sure you incorporate that into your daily routine. However AVN will certainly be working against you here, so think about using exercises that are appropriate, for example, a floor mounted pedal machine lets you sit in your normal chair and exercise at the same time.

All alcoholic drinks contain calories – something people often do not realise. Cutting down on alcohol will help you lose weight and will be good for you too. Alcohol can interact with AVN pain control medication or make some side effects worse.

Most people should get the nutrients they need through their diet without taking supplements. If you do decide to take supplements, check with your doctor as some of these can interact with your prescribed medication.