Fundraising for AVN UK Support

Fundraising for Avascular Necrosis AVN UK Support

Due to the rarity and the nature of this disease, there is little funding into research of Avascular Necrosis and if it exists, it is usually in America. As pictured on the front of our website, there has been numerous fund raising events for our charity. If this is something you would be interested in doing, and need some ideas for an event or fundraiser please contact Rosey on 07871477676.

Fundraising events are not only a fun way of being distracted from our disease and the pain of it, but also raise awareness for what AVN is, what it does and why it is so important to put it under the microscope. It gets people talking about it as usually their first comment is ‘I have never heard of that!’

Rosey McNally recently had an event where the Major of Manchester Andy Burnham attended, where he personally agreed to contact the NHS and the local governing bodies to question where there is little or no funding and little or no knowledge into this harrowing disease. These are little steps to hopefully making a big difference.